November 7, 2008

It's Time for Year-End Giving

The election season is over, and so is the first week of November! Its time to get your year-end giving efforts in high-gear. Here is some important things to remember for your organization's year end fundraising plans.

Why is year-end giving so important?
Businesses have been managing cash flow all year, especially in these challenging and unpredictable economic times. The end of the year presents them with a good opportunity to make gifts they may have been planning on all year, but were unable to do earlier in the year.

Why do most major donors give at years-end?
A major misconception is that most people give at year-end for tax purposes. While the deadline does impact the timing, most research shows that taxes are not the top reason people give. The major reason people give is still the same - to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Most have a relationship with their nonprofit or ministry and see the year-end as the correct timing to make the gift they have been planning on. Or they have set aside extra to be able to make urgent need gifts to some charities.

What kind of strategy should we use at year-end?
Remember, year-end is also close to year-start! People give to the future, not the past. Many year-end donors are giving to you to allow you to do your vital work in the year ahead. Vision motivates people to give. So, point donors to the vision for the future and what might be accomplished through their faithful support. Give them a "picture" of what you see in your ministry in 2009.

[posted by Shannon D. Barnes, based off material written by John Frank of The Frank Group, // Need to get your year-end fundraising efforts together? Let us help. Contact us -]

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